We Welcome Readers of Urdu to NewsHunt, سلام علیکم

Language of poetry and art, and often quoted as a one of the most beautiful spoken languages is now available on NewsHunt. We are delighted to bring together The Siasat Daily, and BBC Urdu on our platform with additional content partners coming soon.

The Siasat Daily on NewsHunt

Urdu news on NewsHunt is currently available on Android, and will be available on rest of our supported platforms soon. Please install NewsHunt now and let us know what you think.

ثبات ایک تغیر کو ہے زمانے میں
[Sabaat aik taghayyur ko hey zamaney mey.]

Only change is permanent.
Famous Urdu poet Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)

NewsHunt becomes first in India to launch Magazine eSingles together with Delhi Press

Continuing our efforts to get best of Indian language long-form content in hands of our users, we are now adding Magazine eSingles to NewsHunt together with Delhi Press and its award winning magazines – The Caravan, Manohar Kahaniyan and Saras Salil. These magazines are offered on chargeable basis to customers with a variable pricing for singles and as well as complete issues. Within the first ten days of offering the content of the three magazine, we have seen more than 5000 purchases of magazines which goes on to showcase the intrinsic value  & demand of such content as well as willingness at the reader’s end to pay for such content. We are now working with Delhi Press to offer content from all the group’s 37 magazines on our app.

The Caravan is the first and only publication in India devoted to narrative journalism. It’s stories present a unique mix of detailed reporting, lively and vivid writing and a commitment to the art of storytelling whether the subject is politics, culture, travel or art. Drawing on the tradition established by international magazines like The New Yorker and Granta, The Caravan presents a rich and nuanced picture of contemporary India in all its complexity. Since its relaunch in 2010, the magazine has earned a reputation as one of the country’s most sophisticated publications – a showcase for the region’s finest writers and a distinctive blend of rigorous reporting, incisive criticism and commentary, stunning photo essays, and gripping new fiction and poetry.

Launched in 1993, the big hit amongst readers in cities, towns, rural India’s villages & hamlets, Saras Salil is the largest read fortnightly magazine in India with a total circulation of more than a million. Published in 5 languages namely Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Telegu, Saras Salil provides news, information and entertainment in a language that is simple to understand for the young educated masses. In the respect, Saras Salil is a complete read for the progressive working younger generation, with a strong emphasis on politics and social issues as matter to him, balanced with entertainment. At the same time, the magazine has an entertaining side to it with a mix of racy imagery, satire, and buoyant stories

Manohar Kahaniyan was launched in 1944, and has been one of the foremost entertainment magazines in India, known for its spellbinding real life stories. In 1994,Manohar Kahaniyan was the largest read magazine in India. By bringing alive real life drama through its stories; Manohar Kahaniyan has charmed practically the entire Hindi reading public. Manohar Kahaniyan is a name synonymous with the genre of crime and thriller storytelling, an ode to the adage that “truth is stranger than fiction”. It carries stories from real life crime that have shaken a family, a community and sometimes even the country. Whether it is death, deceit, crime, or real life drama, Manohar Kahaniyan brings out the motivations and emotions in a narrative format that brings it easier for people to understand the chronology of events, a buildup of the plot and sub-plots and an interesting climax.

Packaged for easy consumption on a smartphone and offered at a great price, these eSingles offer a great new way for you, our readers, to connect with some of most compelling voices at The Caravan and read exciting new stories from authors of Manohar Kahaniyan.

To make payment easy and seamless for readers who do not have access to traditional payment methods, the magazines and eSingles are available for purchase using mobile operator billing(Currently only for Indian users).

Give it a read and let us know what you think? More magazines and singles coming soon.

You can Download NewsHunt on Android here

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NewsHunt for Windows 8 Tablets Now Available

We are pleased to announce that NewsHunt is now also available for Windows 8/8.1 Tablet users.

Windows Tablet NewsHunt - Home screen


This touch-friendly, tile based NewsHunt is optimized for Microsoft’s Windows 8 Modern UI and designed together with Microsoft team to ensure users get the best experience possible on their Windows 8 tablets, touch screen laptops and other compatible devices.

For more information on NewsHunt for Windows 8 Tablets, download the app from Windows 8 app store. We look forward to your continued feedback and support.


eBooks now on NewsHunt

We excited to announce support for eBooks on NewsHunt, and proud bring together for the first time a collection of never before digitized Indian language eBooks to readers of Indian literature.

NewsHunt eBooks Home page

The e-books are currently available in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi & English from over 50 regional language publishers, with additional languages and books being added every day. These ebooks are available under the books section of NewsHunt app in readable text ebooks format(not images/pdfs). We have kept your bandwidth usage and small file size in mind and have optimized each book for best mobile experience.

Our catalog contains a mix of free and paid books from popular Indian authors such as Surender Mohan Pathak, Rajesh Kumar, Rashmi Bansal and Chetan Bhagat amongst others. Besides credit/debit cards, the books can also be purchased directly through your mobile operator and will be charged to your mobile balance.

NewsHunt eBook Reader

To provide a rich reading experience – our ebook reader supports ability to customize your reading experience by setting font sizes and background color.

The eBooks on NewsHunt is currently available on Android. It will be available on iPhone and Windows Mobile soon. Please install NewsHunt now and let us know what you think.

Permission Marketing: Impact on Mobile Application Install Rates

At NewsHunt we have been lucky enough to have continued love of our users. Most of our app releases include a heavy mix of user suggested features and as a result we see a quick uptake on version updates with most users upgrading to new version within a few days.

We recently made a release on Android where we noticed a dramatic drop in new version upgrade rates.


If you are not familiar with Google Play’s Developer console – the above two graphs show “Daily Upgrades By Device”, and “Daily Upgrades by Device By App Version”. All the nice spikes that you see are when we have released a new build, all except one for July 2nd where we saw a relative adoption rate of only 30%.

Quick investigation led to a new feature that we had added to support MRAID.

MRAID, or “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” is the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence’s project to define a common API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps.  This is a standardized set of commands, designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript, that developers creating rich media ads will use to communicate what those ads do (expand, resize, get access to device functionalities such as the accelerometer, etc) with the apps they are being served into.

One of the possible ad types that MRAID supports is ability to show ads that lets you save an event detail(imagine an ad for a concert) to your device calendar. To enable access to device calendar, Android wants you to specify the same as part of application property/permissions.

“We all have to pay our bills, we understand, so far so good” you say – till you notice the permissions screen that you now get when you try to install NewsHunt:


To be honest, and credit where due – our QA did notice this. But we were all so used to clicking the ACCEPT button, especially for our own app, any concerns were quickly brushed aside saying “no one reads this”.

Well apparently they do, and they do not like it.

Few loyal users noticed it too – and asked rather nicely to what was going on.  We quickly realized our mistake, removed that calendar event ad feature, and released a new build. Within few days it was business as usual.

What did we learn from all this?

a) An average user – even in India (where people give their mobile numbers to everyone) cares deeply about their privacy.

b) People do read the App Permissions screen, so be careful what you ask for.

c) Listen to your QA team :)

More on Android Permissions

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Get Free Mobile Recharge on NewsHunt

NewsHunt is now number 1 news application in India on all leading mobile platforms: Google Play, iOS App Store, Windows Phone, and Nokia Ovi Store.

In recognition of continued support from our existing users, we are happy to announce free mobile recharges for our users who invite their friends to try out NewsHunt. First time users get ₹15, and each additional invite gets you ₹10.

Get Free Recharge

Happy reading NewsHunt and enjoy your recharges.

NOTE: This is only applicable to users in India.

Announcing NewsHunt for Windows Phone 8

We are super thrilled to announce the availability of NewsHunt on Windows Phone store. This has been a long requested platform by our users – and we are excited to see the positive initial reviews coming in.

NewsHunt Windows Phone Home

It brings in the familiar features of reading regional language newspapers in 11 languages in India, and now also includes support for regional newspapers from Bangladesh and Africa.

NewsHunt is now the number one news application on both iOS & Android stores in India, and we hope that this release will lead the charts on Windows Phone too!

Please install NewsHunt on Windows Phone today, and let us know what you think.

NewsHunt wins mBillionth 2013 Award for News & Journalism


NewsHunt has always been a product consumed by masses of India, and an award that recognizes & honors excellence in mobile communications for growing economies of South Asia brings special joy to us at NewsHunt.

The mBillionth Award acknowledges South Asia as a key hub of the world’s mobile & telecom market in terms of penetration and innovation, and promotes the best of mobile-based implementations in the region.

We are humbled by your support.

So it begins

Welcome to home for what is happening on NewsHunt – largest platform for regional language content.

Its been over four years since we launched in June of 2009. We have kept our head down and focused our energies on providing the best mobile reading experience for regional language on all mobile devices.

Our users have given us growth, been kind and supported our efforts. This blog is an effort to continue that dialog.

Happy reading!